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Esikidz Enterprise Inc.

Backed by the technology resources from Esihome Technologies Inc., Esikidz Enterprises Inc., aims to create and extend smart management software and communication Apps to enlighten the lives of childcare managers, educators and parents all over Canada 

Esikidz ​was established in Richmond, BC, Canada in 2019, and after years of development, the market now covers 50% of areas of BC. Esikidz is an innovative smart software company that is centered around the childcare industry

Our Mission

With the help of the latest technologies, we will strive to improve operational and communication efficiency for managers and parents, while lowering the costs. This will release the managers from the daily complex paperwork and data maintenance duties, allowing them to spend more time on improving services, and operational quality, and offering a more affordable Childcare Service

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Let The Technologies Work For You

Software Expertise

Latest Software Architecture is adopted to create the most agile software tools

Childcare Expertise

More than a decade of childcare and various situation handling experiences made practical solutions 

Strong Team

Matured developers and supporting staff with strong backgrounds and experiences 

Inspired By Users

The software is getting practically helpful for Childcare Centres by keeping solving the real pain points emerged from users

We live and breathe our values


Software is not a costly thing anymore, cloud software is the way that makes small businesses easily use software to enhance their operational efficiency. Why don't we help the Childcare bring down the operational cost?


Based on the childcare expertise of our partner and valuable trail customers, we developed the software for childcare with our innovative expertise. We are making something different that could take the advantage of latest SaaS technologies!


We've been involved in childcare for years, we know the pain points and difficulties of a childcare operator. We could help childcare to be a better place for everyone,  make our contribution to the economic system.