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Frequently Asked Questions


How does help a child care center?

Answer. not only improves the administrators and teachers' work efficiency but also seamlessly bridge the parents and centres through better communication and information sharing.

Where does store the user’s data?

Answer. All data in is stored in Canada. 

How many user licenses will be included if a centre subscribed?  

Answer. does not limit the user number in the system. As long as a centre subscribed, the owner, admin, all teachers and all your parents can use the service right away. 

Does comply with the regulatory license officer's requirements?

Answer. Yes. We do have confirmed with some license officers about this question. They said as long as centres still have a way to access the log data in case of a power outage or similar issue, the electronic format logs are qualified. 

On what basis is your pricing quoted?

Answer. Basically, the subscription fee is quoted by the licensed capacity of each centre. To support the child care centres in the challenging pandemic time, we offer a 25%(off) discount to all centres in Y2021 and a special discount for those centres that are running under 50% enrollment rate.
We also provide 10% extra discount for non-profit Childcare centres all the time. 

How safe is my data when it is stored in the’s system?

Answer. Yes. Please rest assured because service running on the world's most secured cloud system: Amazon Web Services which is equipped with the most advanced data protection technologies and it is also carrying thousands of giant companies’ business. 

Do I need to invest in any hardware to use your system?

Answer. Centres do not need to purchase any computer server nor data storage equipment. Admin users can use their current computers to run the Admin APP and teachers can use a tablet to run the Classroom APP or use their mobile phone to run the Media and report App. Just make sure your centre has WIFI coverage. 

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