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Quality Preschool Management System for day care centres

Save Money & The Planet

Go paperless, and instead utilize software technology. Save on the cost of paper and concurrently, save the planet

Management System With Built In Logic

All aspects of managing a successful preschool & Child Care Centre are included

Add Ease To Your Business

Improve proficiencies with a preschool management system. Keep your email addresses and lists updated, billing systematic & more

Solution Modules

Tuition Management

Easily generate tuition invoices, manage payments and provide reports using the management system. Never lose track of tuition numbers:

  • Automatic tuition calculations based on enrollment & attendance information with integrated government policies
  • Automatically apply the government benefits to eligible tuition records, according to each child's government approval letters 
  • Provide all kinds of tuition statistic reports and all the data can be easily integrated into accounting software
  • esiKidz's auto payment features make payment management a breeze
  • Support all payment methods including the system's exclusively designed automatic e-transfer payment processing
  • Parents can download annual tax reports with zero centre manager added workload

Child Care Enrollment Management

From admission to withdraw, this child care centre management system is an end-to-end solution - centralizing all data and the status of each child:

  • The complete online paperless admission process includes an area for parents' inquiries, booking a tour, applying for waitlists and filling out enrolment documents
  • Automatically generate attendance and tuition reports for government funding applications - no matter what the onboarding date
  • Attendance records are stored via the classroom app and teacher app. Managers, licensing officers, teachers, and parents can view the records in real-time and check the historical records
  • Available spot forecasting is auto generated according to the withdraw and waitlist data
  • Child completion/withdrawn and data will be kept in the system according to regulation requirements

Staff Management

Actively manage teacher and staff information:

  • Teacher Profile and document management
  • Certificates eligibility tracking
  • Timesheet management
  • Teacher assignment to classrooms
  • School Contact Information

System Reminders

Reminds you about important events and actions that need to be done, and by when. The system also creates useful reports for accounting and other purposes:

  • Children program changes
  • Teacher’s license expiry alert
  • Children and teacher birthday reminders
  • Government benefits expiry alert

Classroom Management

Managers can oversee every classrooms’ status and keep synced with all the teachers:

  • Attendance list and ratio
  • Send classroom reminders to the teachers
  • Broadcast messages to all parents
  • View all ​historical records of every classroom
  • Supervise the communication between parents and teachers

Multi-site Management

For large organizations with multiple centres and sites, the manager in the head office will work as a Super-User who could use our Multi-Site Dashboard to manage all the centres and sites on a single screen:

  • Single sign-on to direct to any site
  • Centralized user management
  • View revenue and balance status of each site
  • One page to check the current attendance status of all sites.
  • One-click to move children among sites
  • Organization level CCOF, balance and receivable Reports
  • Centralized online payment reports

Camp & Hobby Classes Registrition 

Managing the registration of summer camp and after-school hobby classes can be a challenging task for administrators. With the system's Camp module, we help administrators easily handle the management of those seasonal or periodic classes:

  • Define the weekly or daily flexible scheduled sessions of camp activities and apply various rates for different age groups
  • Parents can fill camp registration forms during the registration process.
  • Support online payments to secure the spots
  • Teachers can check who is registered and sign in/out for them during the camp day by using the Teacher App
  • Teachers can view important info about each child

Out-Of-School Man​agement

For before/after school and out-of-school care programs, our software enables:

  • Creation of as many flexible schedules as needed
  • Attendance tracking from the teacher App for part-time scheduled classes
  • The system will create tuition invoices, according to a preselected billing schedule
  • Teachers can log the drop-in records and the system automatically adds the extra fees in the monthly invoice
  • Teachers can use the software on a mobile device when a class is held outside of the preschool or day care centre

Pain Points  Removed

Struggling to correctly calculate monthly tuition

Manually verifying errors in the teachers’ timesheet 

Exhausted being on the phone and communicating with parents

Messing up the inquiry and waitlist information

Matching parent payments to children and tracking owning

Issuing annual tax reports to every single parent 

With an advanced multi-functional Preschool Management System App, you're overall management, communication, staffing and monitoring systems will flow with greater ease and accuracy

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